"Specializing in Document Authentication and Legalization."

Adams Process Servers, based in Rockland, Ontario, specializes in the service of your legal documents.

Our authentication service is recommended by Global Affairs Canada to offer you quicker assistance, saving up to 25 valuable business days.

Documents Originating In Canada in a Foreign Language

Documents Originating in a Foreign Country

Birth, Marriage, Divorce or Death Documents

Statements In Lieu Of Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage Abroad

Criminal Record Checks (Police Clearance) or Fingerprint Certificates

Powers Of Attorney

Education Documents

Teaching in the UAE & Qatar

Incorporation Certificate

Certificate of Origin

Pharmaceutical & Regulatory Affairs

Documents of Canadian Pharmaceutical and Regulatory Affairs requiring authentication and legalization are:

Depending on the document, it may already have the required signature for authentication by Global Affairs Canada.

Other Documents

The following requirements apply to all documents which have not been listed above:

A few examples of documents that must first be notarized are:

If the above requirements are not met, the documents will be returned to you without being authenticated.