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31 January, 2013 – Foreign Affairs recommends our service
OTTAWA, Canada – Global Affairs Canada, Authentication and Service of Documents Section (JLAC), has announced that if you are outside Ottawa, the processing time for mailed-in requests will be up to approximately 25 business days from the date they receive your documents; if you require immediate service, and/or need your documents returned via courier to an international destination, you should hire an authentication and legalization service or process server in the Ottawa area to assist you.

  • Adams Process Servers has established a relationship that allows your sensitive documents to be processed promptly saving you valuable business days.
  • Adams Process Servers provides priority service – within 24 hours for Authentication of your notarized documents at Global Affairs Canada.
  • Over 10 documents may take from 5 – 7 business days. These services are provided each and every day (Monday to Friday – Statutory Holidays not included).

For Canadian documents to be recognized in a foreign country the document must be verified as legitimate.
This involves three steps:

  • Have the document(s) notarized by a lawyer or notary public, or acknowledged by a commissioner of oaths.
  • Authentication by Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa.
  • Embassy/Consular Legalization according to the intended use of the documents.

Adams Process Servers provides priority service – same-day (providing documents are received by 12:00 noon) to within 24 hours for Authentication of your notarized documents through Global Affairs Canada.

  • Over 10 documents may take from 5 – 7 business days. These services are provided each and every day (Monday to Friday – Statutory Holidays not included).
  • Once the document(s) have been authenticated, they will be taken to the appropriate Embassy or Consular office for official legalization at the respective country's Embassy or Consular office.
  • Processing times for Legalization through the Embassies varies, depending on the country and type of documents. These variations range from same-day service to 7 - 10 business days.
  • To receive the current approximate processing times for a particular embassy please contact us to be assured of their legalization fees, and time lines.
  • Other strict embassy requirements are the responsibility of the client that must be followed should you wish to have us process your documents.

Be assured that Adams Process Servers facilitates the Legalization of documents at all Embassies or Consular offices in Ottawa. At this point, the document is legally valid for use in the intended country.

The Canadian government uses the full authentication and legalization process since Canada did not sign the Hague Apostille Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents (1961).

The Canadian process includes: Authentication of your documents by Global Affairs Canada (JLAC) in Ottawa; and Legalization of your documents by each Embassy or Consular office of the country for which your specific documents are going to be used. This is the equivalent of an Apostille certificate.

Please note that certain restrictions and guidelines set down by Global Affairs Canada do apply to your documents and must be observed in order for us to process your documents efficiently. To ensure that your documents meet the guidelines, please check the information from Global Affairs Canada by logging on to their website.

With Adams Process Servers, you can rest assured that proper service will be carried out, and your documents will be secure. We believe in building close working relationships with each and every client, focusing on the singular needs of each case.

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